Vocatif is a teeny tiny team led by Marion Lawie, an experienced learning and engagement designer, facilitator and coach.

We’re on a mission to shape the world through the positive power of human agency, supporting people to actively shape their circumstances, motivate themselves and to positively impact their environments.

With comprehensive knowledge and experience, Marion has the skills and capability to implement a wide variety of coaching, training and engagement methods. She is a talented facilitator, skilfully combining an instinct for people with advanced workshop design to ensure participants fully engage and leave knowing that their time has been well spent.

Marion is a middle aged white woman with short white hair, tortoise shell spectacles and a big smile!

Marion has worked in diverse communities in Australia and internationally.  She has extensive experience in coaching and mentoring, community engagement, education, community development, communications, customer experience, biosecurity and disaster management (whew!). You can check out details of Marion’s experience and her qualifications on her LinkedIn page.


Not to be confused with a boat captained by Marion’s sister Ally =D

  • We respect Indigenous perspectives and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia’s Traditional Owners; we support and defer to Indigenous owned and led businesses; all day, every day, not just NAIDOC week.
  • We stand with people of all abilities, including those who never stand but are some of the most upstanding peope we know; we acknowledge that not all disabilities are visible.
  • We’re from the bush, we’ve been around the block, and we’re here for the regional, the rural, the remote, who rarely get to town but deserve the same opportunities as those at the top end of town.
  • We’re feminist to the bone, to the marrow, because yep, that’s right, we think everyone should have equal rights and opportunities, regardless of gender.

If you identify with this, let us know because we can probably cut you a mates rates deal to demonstrate our allyship in $$ as well as words.